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The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a safe, painless, and non-invasive procedure that helps physicians detect certain medical conditions by looking at the highly accurate images of the body. Our accurate MRI test accommodates a wide variety of body types comfortably. Each patient can lie down on a cushion table that slides easily into the MRI scanner, and our machine monitors the internal body structures at all times.Built with a high-quality speaker, this device keeps the patient connected to our expert technologist throughout the procedure. Our modern MRI machines produce high resolution images for better results.

CT Scan


Submit yourself for a CT scan today and ease your worries about your body’s condition. A CT scan is also known as a computerized tomography scan. This machine creates images with computer x-ray sensing unit that shows detailed images of bones and soft tissue with precision. Our CT scan is used to study the brain, abdomen, chest, pelvis, etc. Our CT scan is a completely harmless procedure as we use the lowest amount of radiation without compromising unmistakable images. Procedures are short and we see to it that each patient is comfortable with the process.



Using sound waves, our ultrasound machines get a glimpse of the patient’s body. We help diagnose the right medical conditions by creating detailed images. Having a trained and knowledgeable staff enables us to provide fast reporting to our referring physicians. Our ultrasound capabilities are of the highest quality as indicated by the American College Of Radiology™ (ACR).

X-Ray, CT Dental & Bone Densitometery


Trust our certified attendants to administer X-rays for proper diagnosis. We are proud to use sets of updated X-ray equipment that operate using a low dose of radiation. Images can easily be manipulated for a more diverse and diagnostic interpretation. 

CT Bone Densitometry is an accurate method for measuring bone mineral density. It is also used to find out how much calcium there is in the bone. Our dental scan uses a CT scan protocol that includes obtaining vital information about the patient's dental anatomy for the purpose of implant.


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